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Players from every part of the world with legal online betting and gambling are welcomed by IVIP9. The Terms and Conditions offered by IVIP9 are related to the games, bonuses, and promotions. IVIP9 will regularly post them from time to time. It is essential for the user to read the document and understand the entire content. It is not advised for the user to use IVIP9 services without accepting the Terms and Conditions.

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Our Purpose

IVIP9 has been created for the following purposes:

  • It is made for the ones who are looking for gambling or any gambling-related products in an online casino.
  • A person or group would like to get information about gambling and betting games.
  • An individual who gets registered to the IVIP9 services. This individual agrees to use all the services on the site, which also includes bonuses and promotions.
  • Any individual cannot use the IVIP9 platform for any other activity that will not enhance the services of the platform. IVIP9 strictly prohibits any other activities from its platform.

Using IVIP9 Platform

In order to sign up with our platform, the users have to be a minimum of 18 years old. They must have the correct age of maturity as per the residing state. The individual is not allowed to sign up or participate in betting activities if this is not the case.

The users have to make sure that online gambling is legal in their state. If gambling or betting activities are not supported by their state, they shouldn't sign up. It is essential for them to notify their residing state that they will be complying with the favorable betting policies.

IVIP9 has all the right to take actions like applying penalties, holding funds, or freezing accounts if any conditions are violated. IVIP9 can refuse betting by those who don’t comply with its Terms and Conditions and rules.

The player will be able to get the winnings within 30 days from the publication of the result. This also includes working days as well as the off days.
IVIP9 holds all the rights to refuse the bets from a user without giving any reason for rejection. If the players have any concerns regarding any winnings, they have the option of making a claim within ten days.

It is a player's responsibility to make sure that the winning details are appropriately checked. If they find anything suspicious or problematic, they must report it instantly. This reporting includes all the details like account number, event, time, date, and the problem. In case of rejection or claim on winnings, a valid reason needs to be provided by the bettors. 

After winning all the predictions, the bettor has to redeem the bet as won after having the results. If the player doesn't make a claim, they might lose the reward after some time. The terms and adjustments of each betting can be different. It is crucial for the player to review the terms and conditions of each bet before starting. Once agreed, IVIP9 will not accommodate any claims of adjusting it.

If a user or any party finds a violation of rules and rights during the pre-trial procedure, it is vital to report it. A written complaint needs to be written on the issue to the officials to register the problem instantly. Complaints about any incidents have to be made in 10 days. Any complaint after that will go unattended.

Any individual having issues with the betting calculations should complain in 72 hours. A complaint can be made about the betting procedures regarding a specific bet. When the user places the bet, it is an acceptance of all the betting conditions. It means that there is no blackout after that. One user is only allowed to have a single account. Account duplication is considered to be a severe offense. This can lead to the cancellation of all the accounts.

If there are any changes to the rules and policies of the IVIP9, the user will be notified in person. These changes apply to all the activities that are held after the changes are made.


By accepting all the Terms and Conditions, you agree to follow all the limitations that have been placed on using IVIP9. It would be best if you were informed that these limitations also include location as well as geographic restrictions. If you violate any of the terms that IVIP9 has implemented, this can result in your permanent ban from using its services. We have all the right to take appropriate actions as we see fit.

User Security

As a user, you agree that all the information provided during the registration process and profile creation is true and correct. It is also your duty to keep all the information updated as a user. This platform has all the right to suspend or remove any of the content or a profile violating its Terms and Conditions.

It is the user's responsibility not to share any of the passwords or information with any individual. It is worth mentioning that the safety and security of all your login credentials are your sole responsibility. This also includes passwords and all your account access information. With the help of the privacy settings offered by the platform, you can protect the data to some extent. You can make good use of all the features provided to you by IVIP9.

The user has to adhere to all the Terms and Conditions all the time. Before you sign up or start using any of IVIP9’s products or services, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You can feel free to contact us in case of any questions or concerns.

General Agreement

There is a binding agreement in the Terms and Conditions between the user and IVIP9.

  • As a user, when you are accessing the site, you agree with all the Terms and Conditions that are available in this Agreement.
  • When IVIP9 is accessed and used by you in any way you download or utilize its content, then it means that you have agreed to all its terms of use.
  • As a user, you also agree that you are using this website at your own risk. IVIP9 will not be responsible for any mishaps.
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