Introduction About IVIP9 Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to IVIP9. So, it commits you to protect your personal information. This is the reason why we have applied a stringent Privacy Policy. Other than that, we have some of the most trusted and best security measures. Through these measures, we have made sure that no one can breach your security. No individual can access your personal data or undermine your privacy.

IVIP9 will be very clear and open about why it will collect your personal information and how it is used. You will also get an explanation from us where you have rights or choices. In this Privacy Policy, IVIP9 describes how it uses your information when you use our website.

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Online Gambling’s Legal Terms in Singapore

Everyone is aware that the Government of Singapore doesn’t encourage gambling. The majority of nations are a bit lax about online betting; Singapore isn't among them. It is worth mentioning that many people were arrested for illegal online gambling in 2016. The Government of Singapore passed the Remote Gambling Act in February 2014. Because of this act, the Government double-downed on illegal gambling.

In order to implement the new act, many online gambling platforms were blocked. This law doesn't outlaw gambling, so it is essential for you to be careful regarding online gambling in Singapore. There are some rules and restrictions on online gambling in Singapore. Here, you can legally bet with only two organizations.

If you are expecting an experience emulating Las Vegas, then there are chances that you will be disappointed. There are limited options, and the punters can only bet on lottery games, football, and horse races. Basically, the move is made to prevent underground gambling, and the main goal is to establish balance. You will find a number of operators being granted exemptions. Those who would love to go for online betting in Singapore can join different platforms, including IVIP9. It is best for them to stick to the legal methods.

Use of Personal Data

Basically, IVIP9 collects two types of data from each of its users, personal and non-personal data. This personal information is provided by you when you set up an account, place bets, or use the services of IVIP9. With this information, you will be able to get access to certain parts of our website. The data is collected for the following purposes.

  • You get your account registered with IVIP9.
  • You offer it voluntarily in order to use the website.
  • You disclose the information in the website’s public areas.
  • You give it when contacting our customer support team.
  • Your personal data includes the following details:
  • Your full name, email ID, phone number, mailing address, gender, and date of birth.
  • Your bank account details as well as credit or debit card number.
  • Information regarding your device's hardware and software. This includes IMEI, IP address, UDID, and other information.
  • Your information is publicly available on the social media account in case you sign up through social media.


When you are visiting IVIP9 or engaging with any of our content through the computer or mobile device, we use cookies. This technology can automatically collect any data about you or your device. IVIP9 collects the information for the following purposes.

  • Enhancement of navigation by the players on the website and its services.
  • Performance improvement of the website and all its services.
  • Customization of your experience and collection of statistics about using the IVIP9 services.
  • Performing analytics for service improvement and offering you relevant content that is tailored according to your needs.
  • Make your website work in an efficient manner, and also remember your language preferences.

All of these tracking technologies can be used by IVIP9 or any third party on our behalf. The main idea is to collect information about you. Cookies and traffic analysis are considered to be the best ways to improve the performance of our website. We also find ways to improve our services and have an interest in carrying out such activities. We also make sure that any impact on your privacy is minimized.

Data Security

We completely understand the importance of security and the techniques for securing information. In order to ensure the safety of our user's data, we have employed the best procedures and controls. These include:

  • Protected network topology, firewalls, and prevention of any intrusion.
  • Controlling access and authentication.
  • Encryption.
  •  Internal and external audit tests.

All the personal information that we receive directly from you is stored in an encrypted and protective database. It resides in our secure network. We also take complete measures to make sure that our affiliates, agents, and subsidiaries employ the necessary security measures.

General Terms and Conditions

When you sign up with IVIP9, we acquire your information. You are bound to provide us with your account information. You also have to give us your credentials, transaction information, and other details. Your account is maintained through this information, and you are able to get a specific space on our platform.

  • We accept any sports-related events that are mentioned on our site in different categories.
  • In order to sign up on our platform, you must be at least 18 years old. If your age is less than 18 years, you will not be able to join our forum to place bets.
  • Every player has to observe the legal betting age. In case of violation, the player will be responsible for any consequences.
  • The following individuals are restricted from placing the bets on IVIP9.
    • Any individual who is below 18 years of age.
    • Any person taking part in the management or organizing any event. This includes any coaches, referees, and club owners.
    • Individuals who are employed with other betting platforms.
    • Those individuals who IVIP9 has prohibited from having any contract.
  • All the participants have to make sure that their state allows betting when they sign up with the state. If we find the information to be manipulated, the individual will have to face the consequences. Please do not proceed further if you don't agree with any statements in Privacy Policy.
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